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Why Profiler?

Profiler is your all-in-one CRM solution, designed to streamline your data entry, maximise your fundraising, and help you store and maintain useful and accurate records about your clients, donors, volunteers and more.

Manage your Fundraising Events

Profiler was first created as a tool for ensuring quick, easy, and accurate data collection during short public appeals and has been developed to manage donor data over the long term.

Originally designed for radio stations 3-7 day on-air fundraising events, Profiler has the tools you need to manage a public fundraising appeal, and keep your community of support engaged as the campaign progresses.

Events features include the ability through an XML output to provide selected data to your website in real time, such as a live tally update or a feed of the most recent donor’s first name and suburb to say thank you

Call Centre Interface

Accuracy and consistency is key in collecting information from donors, especially when you’re running a large appeal with multiple phone staffers.

Profiler’s easy to use Call Centre Interface enables your phone answerers to find the donor’s record quickly, check that their details are correct and add new info, and/or create a new donor record.

Profiler’s powerful tools to help normalise data ensures consistency and accuracy in what data is entered and how. Helpful autofill will make sure suburb names and postcodes are all entered correctly.

The Call Centre Interface can be customised so it’s set up to work for you and meet your specific needs.

Automated Segmentation

Profiler’s segmentation ability sets it apart from other CRMs.

This powerful tool gives you greater insight into your donor’s level of financial activity, allowing you to categorise and sort with greater depth, and enabling you to communicate with members of your support community based on their activity rather than just basic demographics.

Profiler gives you the ability to easily target specific messages to different types of donors.

Segment out your high-end givers to communicate directly with them, or send an email to reconnect with people who haven’t given in 12 months.

Use the pre-designed segmentation rules or create your own. Profiler will automatically assign your donors segmentation categories, which you can then use to create reports from and develop communications according to when people last gave, how much they gave, whether they’re regular givers or one-off donors etc.

Reporting Made Simple

Create custom reports or use any of the 130 pre-made ready to use reports.

Profiler’s report-building tools allow you to pull out almost any information you can imagine, including custom fields. Query the database using the custom fields you create.

Automated Regular Giving

Make it easy for your supporters to give regularly with direct debit donations.

Receive more donations by giving supporters the flexibility to choose how often they give by direct debit.

Profiler’s regular giving automation allows multiple options for donation frequency, so supporters can choose if their gift is transferred weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and so on.


Streamline your workflow and make your CRM work for you by integrating your existing systems. Profiler is designed to work with other popular software, enabling a smooth workflow and maximum ability to engage supporters.

Programs already integrated with Profiler include:

  • Save time and effort. Streamline your workflow with synced lists.
  • See trends and gain insight into donor responses to various communications.
  • Profiler’s integration with MailChimp features a bi-directional sync mailing list, eliminating the need for double data entry.
  • Donor details collected via MailChimp will automatically be added into Profiler (for example when someone responds to an email newsletter or signs up to a mailing list). You can also add donors to a mailing list in Mailchimp by entering their details in Profiler.
  • Other features include the ability to sync to a list, or groups within a list; and create a mailout type and log it against the list to see what people are responding to.
  • Gain greater insight into each supporter’s engagement with your messages by recording on a donor’s profile how they respond to different types of mailouts.
Xero Accounting:

  • Incoming transactions entered into Profiler are automatically generated in Xero, eliminating the need for double entry.
  • Send data from Profiler to Xero via the method that best suits you. Profiler allows multiple ways to transfer donation details to the accounting program, removing a level of human error.


  • Similar to the Facebook feed, a stream of text messages received can be fed into Profiler, ready for use during a fundraising appeal.

  • Ensure no supporter engagement is missed. Build a better picture of your individual supporters.
  • Log interactions from donors made via Facebook. When a donor whose email address you have engages with your Facebook page by posting, liking or commenting, it will appear in their Profiler contact record.
  • There’s also an incoming Facebook stream so you can see comments coming in, providing valuable supporter feedback during a fundraising appeal.
Payment Gateways:

13 different payment gateways enabled:

  • EMatters
  • EWay
  • PayWay 
  • SecuPay 
  • eGate 
  • NABTran 
  • Paydock 
  • PINPay 
  • Stripe 
  • Bolt 
  • BPoint 
  • BB (BendigoBank MIGS) 
  • Merchant Warrior


Got other software you want connected?

Profiler’s Application Programming Interface (API) gives you the flexibility to integrate Profiler into your own system.

Build custom software to connect with Profiler. Make your own custom donation forms or contact forms and get donation information into Profiler to make it work for you.

Multi Site

Profiler works across multiple sites, ensuring consistency across teams in different locations. Create a site for each office where users see only their own office’s data, but head office sees the information from each.

Powerful user security and module management

Manage which modules each user has access to with Profiler’s powerful user security and module management tools.

User accounts can be customised to allow access to information appropriate to their role, level, or task. Control what each user can see and use by adding or removing particular modules as appropriate.

Cut the screen clutter and avoid confusing your busy staff and volunteers – customise the experience for each user, making it easy to find the tools and information they need and removing what they don’t use.