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The Fundraising CRM for your Charity

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Simple. Intuitive

Easy to use. Fewer clicks.

Empower and equip your fundraising staff and volunteers to do what they do best – connect with your community.

Profiler is the user-friendly CRM that works for you and fits into your systems. Cultivate and maintain relationships with your supporters and ensure no interaction goes missing.

Fundraising Events

Manage fundraising events with quick and easy donor data collection.

Call Centre Operations

Ensure accuracy and consistency in donor data collected by multiple phone staffers

Regular Giving Automation

Make it easy for your supporters to give regularly with direct debit donations.

Not all donors are the same

Personalise your donor communications with Profiler’s superior segmentation. Profiler gives you the ability to easily target specific messages to different types of donors.

Find the Information you need

Profiler’s report-building tools allow you to pull out almost any information you can imagine, including custom fields. Query the database using the custom fields you create.

Connect in with what you’ve got

Profiler is designed to integrate with a range of popular software tools, enabling a smooth workflow and maximum ability to engage supporters.


Save time and effort. Streamline your workflow with synced lists.

Xero Accounting

Eliminate double data entry. Reduce the risk of human error.

Payment Gateways

Profiler has 13 different payment gateways enabled.

Want to know more?

Our friendly team would love to chat with you about your business and fundraising requirements, and how Profiler can work for you.